Our Chef offers a refined and inventive cuisine based on a quality supply. You will enjoy dishes based on country vegetables, fish and meats, you will also enjoy lobsters subject to supply.

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During this particular period, the restaurant is not open every lunchtime but only Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but it remains open every night.

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Our Starters

Fish rillette 11,50€
Assortment of smocked fish with toasts 13,50€
Fried cod doughnuts with or without veggies 8,60€ ou 13,60€
Assortment of veggies 10,60€
Large creole plate 24,00€
Fish “Ota Ika” 11,50€
Fish “Ota Ika” with veggies 15,60€
Creole Boudin 9,60€

Our meats

Andouillette in mustard sauce (or cheese sauce) 20,50€
Smocked chicken with creole sauce 19,00€
Duck breast in honey sauce 22,00€
Ribsteak in mustard sauce (or cheese sauce) 23,00€

Our fishs

OursRay wing in pepper sauce 22,00€
Salmon fillet on chives sauce 25,00€
Tuna piece grilled with sesame 22,00€
Dream back in creole sauce 22,00€
Mussels and french fries 19,60€
Fresk lobster on supply 9€/100g

Our Desserts

Profiterolles 8,50€
Dessert of the day 7,50€
Chocolat cake 7,50€
Assortment of dessert with coffee 10,50€
Fruits salade 7,50€
Ice cream without alcool 8,50€
Ice cream with alcool 9,50€