restaurant deshaies

Our Chef offers a refined and inventive cuisine based on a quality supply. You will enjoy dishes based on vegetables and fruits from the market, caught fish of the day and spiny lobster, accompanied by wines of the owners.

Book your table at 05 90 28 43 23

Open for lunch from friday to Sunday 12:00 to 1:45 PM and from 7:00 PM to 8:45 PM every day


A la Carte, make your choice …

Assortment of fish rillette 11,50€
Assortment of smoked fish 13,50€
Fried cod doughnuts or fried cod doughnuts with veggies 8,60€ or 13,60€
Assortment of veggies 10,60€
 Sea flavour plate (smoked fish, fish rillette, fish “ota ika”, veggies) 24,00€
Fish “Ota Ika” 11,00€
Fish “Ota Ika” with veggies 15,60€
Boudin créole 9,60€
Beef carpaccio 12,50€
 Large créole plate (fried cod doughnuts, stuffed crab, smoked fish, fish rillette, boudin, veggies) 24,00€
Pork filet mignon in coco sauce 20,60€
Chicken and local crayfish in cream sauce 22,60€
Smoked chicken in creole sauce 18,60€
Duck breast in pineapple sauce 21,60€
Ribsteak in pepper sauce (or spice butter) 22,60€
Skewer of tuna in chives sauce 20,60€
Tuna piece grilled with sesame 21,60€
Grilled wahoo in creole sauce 21,60€
Bream back in maracuja sauce 21,60€
Mussels and french fries 19,50€
Ray wing in vanilla sauce 21,60€
Lobster (on request 48h before minimum) 9,00€/100g
Menu Ti Moun (Ask suggestions of the day) (Plate + ice cream) 12,00€
Profiteroles 8,50€
Dessert of the day 7,50€
Chocolate cake 7,50€
Greedy coffee 10,50€
Fresh salad fruits 7,00€
Ice cream cups  (Café Liégeois, Passion des Iles….) etc… 8,50€


We can offer you a special menu for your events, for that ask for a quote here.

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